shop Vermeer VXT Series Vacuum Excavators

We pride ourselves on truck vacuum equipment and technology that are among the best in the world. All components in models like our VXT500, with its 8-yd spoil tank capacity, are market-tested and some of the highest quality in the industry.

vermeer vxt300

The VXT300 series of truck vacs is designed for contractors focused on fast and reliable vacuum excavation from jobsites to dumpsites. The VXT300 series is available in an 8-yd³ (6.1-m³) spoil tank capacity with 800-gal (3,028-L) water tank capacity. Meet project deadlines using the productive 6-in (15.2-cm) PTO-driven truck vac with 3,500-cfm (99.1-m³/min) "free air" and is capable of 18 in Hg (.6 bar).

  • 800-gal water tank
  • 3,500 “free air”cfm blower
  • 5-ft (1.5-m) dig tool and (3) 5-ft (1.5-m) extensions hose 
  • Curbside control panel
  • Full-function wireless remote (optional belly pack or handheld)

vermeer vxt500

The VXT500 truck vac has 8-cu yds of debris capacity and 850-gallons of water. The truck's engine, through an OMSI soft start transmission, powers a 4,800-cfm @ 27 hg vacuum blower and 13-gpm @ 3000-psi water system. The 54,000 GVWR rated axle configuration allows for maximum utilization of the 8-yd spoil tank.

  • 3 rear axles for maximum load
  • Lifting cylinder - full radius half-moon rear door, 10-degree slope floor
  • 18-ft boom with 8-in hose with extended pivot
  • OMSI transmission with soft-start blower engagement
  • SCANRECO rocket wireless remote transmitter/receiver for reliable connectivity

vermeer vxt600

Two VXT600 models offer two different tank sizes. Choose from an 11-cu yd debris tank with 1,300-gal water capacity or a 16-cu yd debris tank with 2,400-gal of water capacity in the central tank. Both sizes feature a built-in 10-degree floor slope along with a three-stage lift cylinder and a full radius half-moon rear door for efficient unloads. They also feature the powerful Jurop Helix 6400-cfm PD Blower driven by the OMSI transfer case with blower soft-start engagement.

  • 1,300-gal or 2,400-gal water tank
  • 6400 cfm @ 27 hg
  • OMSI 500-hp T-Case with clutch packs
  • Easy Kleen 420K BTU diesel fired boiler
  • SCANRECO rocket flex remote
  • Pratissoli 4000-psi @ 19.2-gpm water pump
  • IFM can bus control/monitoring system
  • 10-in air system throughout
  • ICS dual silencers for quiet operation
  • 10-degree slope floor with hoist cylinder
  • 23-ft to 30-ft boom reach with 8-in hose system
  • Heated cabinets and water tanks

vermeer vxt600D

This innovative hydro vac solution features a "Detachable Box." Designed for efficiency, this unit utilizes its boom a a vacuum source that can fill or unload containers while the hoist can be used to unload and pick up containers repeatedly - all while remaining at the job site. The VXT600D is specifically designed for service companies that deal with vacuum boxes and run hundreds of feet of hose to get to the work area.

  • Galbreath 60,000 pd hydraulic hoist
  • 20-, 25- and 30-cu yd vacuum boxes
  • Pratissoli water pump - 19 gpm @4000 psi
  • 800-gal aluminum water tank
  • Multiple chassis configurations available
  • Easy Kleen 420K BTU diesel, 12V DC boiler
  • VXP dual silencers, cyclone and filter housing
  • 10 in vacuum system including boom hose
  • OMSI PFT-PCV/3000 clutch pack blower engagment
  • 6400 cfm @ 27 hg
  • Optional centrifugal pump for dewatering
  • Sandblasted, primed and powder-coated
  • Uses normal or dewatering vacuum boxes